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            Welcome To The Official Website Of Shanghai Hexuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
            Home >> Product >> Eco Solvent Printer >> Refretonic 3.2m Eco Solvent Printer Seires >> Refretonic 3.2m Double DX7 print heads Eco Solvent Printer RT3207-DE
            Refretonic 3.2m Eco Solvent Printer Seires


            Eco Solvent Printer is
            2015 Deluxe Version of highprecision Micro Piezo Printer which with 3.2m printing width, highresolution printing for outdoor and indoor largeformat printer. The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese ecosolvent printer brands likeEpson Eco solvent printer, Rolandprinter, Mimaki Eco solvent Printer and Mutoh Eco solvent Printer. 1440dpioverturns the highest resolution of traditional solvent printers, which leadsthe resolution of large format printing to a new standard. Your new profitpattern will be established and new business opportunity will be discovered.


            1. This EcoSolvent Printer equipped with two Dx5 or Dx7 printhead (two Ricoh Gen5 print headsare optional), Standardprinting with double heads to meet the demand of high resolution and fasterspeed.

            2. This Eco Solvent Printing Machinethrough different quality tests is stable and competent enough for massproduction requirement.

            3. This EcoSolvent Printer equipped with intelligent infrared heater and fan dryingsystem.

            4. The LEDUV printing system is optional; you may upgrade this Eco Solvent Printer to a LED roll-to-roll UV Printer oncedemanded.

            5.This Eco Solvent Printer adopts Aluminum-Alloy girder, which is the moststrongest and smoother than other metal materials, ensuring you high precisionprinting quality.

            6.As a top quality Eco Solvent Printer, RT3207-DE adopts THK 20mm width linear guide rails with double-sliderand sound off function, more durable and reliable for high precisionprinting.

            7.This Eco Solvent Printer owns strong heavy-duty machine body (double stands andfeet composite without any shake) ensures stable printing for long time work.

            8. We provide automatic feeding and collecting structure to thisEco Solvent Printer, especially adopts all-aluminumdual power take up system to carry the whole weight of media more stably andeasily media feed in and take up. Professional soft film collecting and feeding system is optional too.

            9.Media sensor for test media when media is going to running out.

            10.Anti-collision performance was also equipped on this Eco Solvent Printer. Whenthe sensor installed on the both sides of the carriage detect the position ofthe print head is lower than the thick medium, the carriage will initiate animmediate stop to protect the print heads.

            11.Automatic capping system is easy operation and maintenance for our Eco SolventPrinter.

            12.Bulk ink supply system is standard option for our Eco Solvent Printer, which issetting on top, easy to monitor ink level and easy ink refill.

            13.Our Eco Solvent Printer adopts USB 2.0 interface control system that get betterlarge data transfer and anti-signal interference. Otherwise, it is alsosupporting windows7/64bit.

            14.This Eco Solvent Printer adopts metal optical cable from mainboard to carriageboard, to make sure fast and stable data transit.

            15.This Eco Solvent Printer equipped with two original Leadshine Motor Control,which provide more stable quality and better efficiency.

            16.This Eco Solvent Printer adopts six or more variable droplet printingtechnology; the highest printing resolution is up to 2880dpi.

            17.This Eco Solvent Printer also adopts VSDT variable droplet technology, thesmallest droplet can reach as 3.5pl, but the maximum is 27pl, which presentingperfect printing quality.

            18.As the top quality Eco Solvent Printer in China, we also adopt widened 65mmRoller System instead of 40mm roller, which is 25mm wider than normal roller.This 65mm Roller System can provide excellent control of media feeding,ensuring high precision of large format printing.

            19. This 3.2mEco Solvent Printer RT3207DE standard equipped with two types of feeding &collecting systems for choice. One is heavy-duty feeding &collecting system, used for printing one whole 3.2m roll of material,especially for printing outdoor flex banner with high precision; the other is light-duty feeding & collecting system, which canprint two rolls of material at the same time. You can choose one roll of 1.52mand another roll 1.27m or double roll of 1.27m. The two systems can be switchedthrough push-pull easily, both with auto deviation-rectifying device, ensuringwide format printing high precision.

            Product?Parameter :



            Print Head

            Two DX7 Drop-on-demand Micro-Piezo Print Heads  

            Number of Nozzles

            2880 Nozzles (2 Heads)


            4 Colors:Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black


            1440dpi (max)/1440dpi

            Height of Print Head


            Size of Ink Droplet

            1.5-21 pl

            Max. Print Width


            Max. Media Width

            3300mm (max)/3300mm

            Real Time Tracking


            Print Speed

            Draft Mode  3pass

            44.0  sqm/h

            Product Mode  4pass

            32.0  sqm/h

            Quality Mode  6pass

            22.0  sqm/h

            Precision Mode 8pass

            16.0  sqm/h

            High Precision Mode 12pass

            11.0  sqm/h

            Media Feeder


            Media Take-up



            max weight


            application type

            Flex,Banner,Knife Coated Substrate,Double Side Printing Banner PVC,Advertising Cloth,Adhesive Vinyl,One Way Vision, Mesh,Reflective Banner,Reflective Vinyl,Eco Solvent Media



            Eco Solvent Ink

            Ink tank account

            4*1000ml continuous ink supply  

            Auto cleaning system





            Power Voltage

            AC220-240V 50-60HZ or AC110-120V 50-60HZ

            Rip software


            Operation System

            MS Windows XP & Windows 7

            Printing Environment

            Temperature: 20-25 centi degree, Humidity: 40-60%  

            Picture type

            JPG PSD TIF

            Printer Dimension


            Packing Dimension


            Net Weight

            750 kg

            Gross Weight

            830 kg

            Refretonic 3.2m Double DX7 print heads Eco Solvent Printer RT3207-DE
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